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       This collection consist of over 80,000 photographs and negatives dating back to the late 1800s.  Ivan Flye donated a majority of his collection to us.  Ivan Flye owned the Pictorial Sudio  on Academy Hill in Newcastle and Carrroll Dinsmore, Jr. was the photographer from 1947 to 2008.  Flye bought the collections of various photograhers in the area including but not limited to William Healy of Damariscotta, John Bailey and Daivd Lindsay.  Since 2010 we have been scanning the collection in tif and jpeg and entering into a data base information about each negative or picture.  The collection includes but is not limited to all the towns and villages in Lincoln County and some towns outside this area in Mid Coast Maine. 

        Our emphasis has been to scan and enter into the data base all the Newcastle and some Damriscotta photographs and negatives first.  If you wish to purchase a picture of your family, home, particular place or event from Newcastle or Damariscotta please email us at or phone us at at 207-563-8233. 


Item                                                              Description                                                                                       Price    +   Shipping & Handling   

History Tales of Newcastle Book                 Softcover book of approximately 130 historical articles                   $21.00    +   $5.25          

                                                                     & pictures of history of Newcastle by Arlene Cole

Tale of Two Rivers Book                              Softcover Book of history of Newcastle with pictures                      $15.00    +   $5.25

                                                                      throughout by Arlene Cole

Damariscotta Lake Book                              Softcover Pictorial &written history of Damariscotta Lake               $23.00    +   $5.25

                                                                     people, culture; land and traditions by Edmee Dejean, Julia

                                                                     McLeod, Mary Sheldon & Marilyn Speckman

Cemeteries of Newcastle                             Spiral bound softcover book of all those buried in Newcastle          $20.00    +   $5.25

1758 to 2004  Book                                      from 1758 to 2004 by Geraldine Hanley & Nancy Hartley              

Taniscot Cookbook                                      Spiral Bound softcover book of recipes                                            $  5.00    +   $5.25

Closing the Circle DVD                                History and information about alewives in Damariscotta                  $10.00    +   $5.25

                                                                     Mills Village in Newcastle & Nobleboro

1816 Map of Newcastle                               Not laminated map of roads and land plots with                               $10.00    +   $8.00

                                                                     resident names

1816 Map of Newcastle                               Laminated map of roads and land plots with                                    $15.00     +  $8.00

                                                                     resident names

Newcastle Railroad Station Poster              Approximately 1910 postcard enlarged to a little larger than           $  5.00     +  $8.00

                                                                     legal size